Snail Transport 开发者更新

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Snail Transport Development Update (2022/8)

Aug. 31st, 2022


We fixed several potential issues of our bot, and added more features to our internal toolkits.

Bot Service | 机器人服务

  • 修复了访问阿里云刷新令牌时可能引发的空引用异常

  • Fixed an null reference exception which may be thrown when the bot tries to fetch token from Aliyun

Internal Toolkits | 内部工具集

  • 为内部工具集添加了自定义配置,支持权限细分
  • 照片上传工具支持自动同步新闻贴到车队官网

  • The internal toolkits support customer configurations, which allows managers to split dedicated permissions

  • News posts published by managers will be synchronized to Snail Transport official now

Snail Transport 社区的机器人将会在未来持续维护更新,关注我们的 👍bot-update Discord 频道及 👍 机器人更新 KOOK 频道以获取机器人维护与更新通知!

Snail Transport Bot will get maintained and updated continuously in the future. Follow 👍bot-update Discord channel and 👍 机器人更新 KOOK channel to get notified!

文案/Copywriting: Ge Xiaohe

翻译/Translation: Ge Xiaohe