Snail Transport Bot 更新

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Snail Transport Bot Update (2022/7)

Jul. 30th, 2022


We added more functionalities to our bot service this month.

Discord Side | Discord 侧

  • 新增一个仅服务器管理员可用的服务器命令,允许将 TruckersMP 中的新闻贴同步到 Snail Transport 官网

  • Added a new slash command that only guild managers can invoke, which enables the synchronization of news posts from TruckersMP to Snail Transport official website

KOOK Side | KOOK 侧

  • Bot 服务现在会在一个特定的频道内显示 TruckersMP 各个游戏服务器的状态

  • The bot displays the status of TruckersMP game servers in a specified channel now

Snail Transport 社区的机器人将会在未来持续维护更新,关注我们的 👍bot-update Discord 频道及 👍 机器人更新 KOOK 频道以获取机器人维护与更新通知!

Snail Transport Bot will get maintained and updated continuously in the future. Follow 👍bot-update Discord channel and 👍 机器人更新 KOOK channel to get notified!

文案/Copywriting: Ge Xiaohe

翻译/Translation: Ge Xiaohe